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Reasons why your next trip should be to the Azores

The Azores holds the title of Europe's best kept secret due to its extraordinary landscapes, notable cultural heritage and luscious cuisine. Located on ancient volcanic ground, a very singular flora permeates the islands, coloring them in all shades of green. The sea life will mesmerize any visitor as you can watch many species of whales and dolphins cruising the blue waters of the Atlantic. At the table, the local cuisine will mesmerize you with its quality and variety, from the typical Cozido das Furnas (the boiled meal cooked in underground volcanic heat) to the great variety of fresh fish and seafood. To top it all off, the Azores features a considerable number of hot springs and thermal pools to bathe in, heated by the volcanic ground underneath.

Terra Nostra Park
The magical Terra Nostra Park
Whale Watching
Whale Watching
Walking Trails
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Unique Waterfalls

Flights to the Azores Islands from 49 cities in the US

The Azores Islands are easy to reach by air - the Ponta Delgada Airport welcomes many direct flights from the US, Canada, Europe and the UK. Paradise is just a flight away!